20x6-10 NHS 4PR Maxxis RAZR CROSS M-957

20x6-10 NHS 4PR Maxxis RAZR CROSS M-957
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Art.Nr.: RMG20x6-10957
Gewicht: 5,00 kg

Reifen Hersteller: Maxxis

Profil: RAZR CROSS M-957

National champions and top amateurs alike have proven the Razr Cross is the tire
of choice for holeshotting traction and precise steering.

    Developed by Maxxis specifically for hardcore ATV MX riders
    Ideal tire choice for intermediate track conditions
    Angled tread knobs on rear tire offer excellent traction while
    allowing controlled slides for cornering
    Front tire combines aggressive center line tread with angled
    outer knobs for precise steering, straight-line stability and improved braking
    Tread design provides the ability to customize knob configuration for
    individual track conditions

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Größe: 20x6-10

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