HiPer Sidewinder UTV Felge 8x12 3+5 156 silber-schwarz für Polaris

HiPer Sidewinder UTV Felge 8x12 3+5 156 silber-schwarz für Polaris
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Art.Nr.: HW-S128-35-156-S-BK
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 HiPer Sidewinder UTV Felge silber-schwarz

 Lochkreis: 4x156

- Breite: 8

- Durchmesser: 12

- Einpresstiefe: 3B+5N

The HiPer 12” and 14” are the lightest, strongest, highest performing wheels available for
elite side by sides and utility all-terrain vehicles.
Utilizing HiPer’s proven carbon composite technology; the Sidewinder is unlike any wheel
on the market.

The Sidewinder is a Single beadlock 12” or 14” wheel. We also offer the 14” in
dual beadlock. Our 14 inch diameter wheel weighs less than most available wheels.
The seven-inch wide Single beadlock Sidewinder weighs only 12.3 pounds.
This allows owners the benefit without the power-draining weight increases of
traditional aluminum 14-inch wheels.
For 2014 they come with a new enhanced cast center or a billet option on
select vehicles.
There are 3 different cuts for these centers, 01,02 and 03. The 02 cut
is also available in 6 different colors.

This unmatched weight is due to the Sidewinder’s state-of-the-art design and materials.
The center is made from either a A356 Cast or an optional 6061 Billet aluminum.
HiPer’s carbon composite wheels have been proven in the toughest race conditions
around the world, including the famous Dakar Rally and Baja 1000.

The carbon composite wheel halves can be configured for standard and long travel
suspension in widths from four to ten inches.
As owners upgrade to long travel suspension, alternative wheel halves are available
to adjust offsets and increase widths for that custom fit.


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